Sunday April 6, 2008

"Dude, that was amazing, as always."

Carlos grins and picks up Adam's empty plate, carrying it to the sink.

"Glad you approve. Figured I'd try out a new recipe."

"Well, make that again sometime."

Carlos returns to the table and stands behind Adam's chair, putting his arms on his shoulders and chin on his head.

"So. Time to swim?"

"Dude. We just ate."

"What better after-dinner activity than some swimming?"

"I think I'm just going to read or something."

He looks over at you, and you nod in agreement. Carlos laughs and stands, playfully punching Adam's arm.

"You two are made for each other. But I'll see you later then?"

You take your plate to the sink and wash the dishes as Carlos gathers his things and leaves, and Adam settles on the couch with a book.

Soon, they're finished, and you grab a textbook and join Adam on the couch, leaning against his arm and rubbing your leg against his. He smiles at you.


"Studying for my exam on Wednesday."

"I should probably be doing some of that, but I wanted to just read something fun instead."

You sit next to each other, reading and enjoying the closeness.

Soon, you finish reviewing the chapter and look up at the clock. It's late enough you could probably start getting ready for bed, but Adam's still engrossed in his book.

You wind your arm around his back, and he smiles, leaning forward so your arm fits. Your fingers work their way under his shirt, running over the smooth skin of his back and side. He stops reading and looks at you.


"Don't let me distract you."

"You say that like I'd mind if you did."

Your other hand slides up his front, pulling his shirt up and running over the firmness of his stomach and down the coarse hair of his treasure trail. He breathes in deeply, closes his eyes, and leans back.

"Dude. That's... really nice."

Your fingers dip lower, under the waistband of his shorts and underwear. You can see his cock twitch through the fabric.

His hands move up your sides, to your arms, and pulls you closer to him, capturing your lips in a slow kiss.

Your fingers find his clothed cock and run over the length. Even though the thick fabric, you can tell how aroused he is. He groans and breaks the kiss.

"If you keep doing that we're going to need to go to bed."

"Would you mind if we did?"

He looks at you, green eyes full of need, and then he's kissing you again as he pulls you upright.

You slowly expose each other's flesh, stripping off clothing and kissing bare skin as you make your way to the bedroom. Adam pushes you, now naked, onto the bed and stares at you. You feel exposed to his gaze in the best possible way.


"Come here."

He does, claiming your mouth again and slowly pushing you backward until you're laying on your back, and covering your body with his until he's on top of you, legs intertwined and cocks rubbing together with delicious friction. Your hands run down his back, finding his ass, and pulling him against you.

He groans and his mouth finds your neck instead, gently kissing his way to your shoulder.

"What do you want?"

He moans as you push up against him and props himself up, breathless, staring into your eyes.

"You. Anything. What do..."


He nods and kisses you again.

"Gonna make love to you, dude. Slow and frustrating and amazing and just..."

You push against him again.

"...ohgod that feels good. Just... give me... one second."

He rolls off of you and grabs the lube from the nightstand. You're used to him by now, and he slicks you up quickly before he's on top of you again, kissing at you and nudging at your entrance.

"This okay?"


It comes out more desperate than you intend, but Adam doesn't seem to mind. He smiles and looks into your eyes as he slowly pushes against you and the tip of his cock finally breaks through.



You are begging now, but true to his word, he moves slowly, filling you inch by inch, arms shaking from the strain as he holds himself up over you. Your hands clutch desperately at his back, coaxing him onward.

Then he bottoms out and is still for a bit, his breath ragged against your face.

"You feel... amazing... dude..."

You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him down against you and claiming his lips. He starts moving then, infuratingly slowly. You wrap your legs around his back, now slick with sweat.

He breaks again, lips moving to your cheek and neck.

"I love you, Chris."

"I love you too.... just... I need... I need you."


He pushes back in, slowly, and you can feel him filling you again.

"Like that?"

"P... please."

The two of you find a rhythm, mouths and lips and hands exploring each others' bodies, and soon you feel yourself getting close.

"Adam, I..."

His hand finds your cock and one firm stroke is all it takes. Adam swallows your yell and thrusts into you roughly before finding his own release inside you.

You break, breathless and desperate for air as he buries his face in your neck and the two of you slowly come down from your highs.


"Oh.. sorry."

He pulls out, leaving you feeling strangely empty, before settling down beside you with an arm over your chest and a kiss on your forehead. You run a finger down his chest, his chest hair slick and matted with his sweat and your cum.

"Sorry I pulled you away from reading."

He kisses your forehead again, and ruffles your hair.

"I'm not."

"Okay. That's... that's good."

The two of you lay together for a bit, and you feel his breath gradually even out. You turn slightly and he seems to jump.

"Sorry, was... was falling asleep."

"We should probably shower first."


He kisses you and smiles.

"That... that sounds nice too."